Tagged a loggerhead turtle

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Last September we tagged a loggerhead turtle that we called Katharina, after our amazing volunteer who spotted her, tagged her and released her, making this a fantastic and very valuable contribution once again from an expeditioner on board Toftevaag.

Turtle Katharina has been busy indeed in these approximately 6 months, venturing south to the North African coast, and eventually making her way towards the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Wildlife, and in particular great voyagers such as marine turtles, know no borders.

This track is open online for anyone that check on the website of our scientific collaborator SOCIB, and is within the ongoing project TURTLE OCEANOGRAPHERS which aims to “provide the scientific basis to support the development of risk mitigation techniques based on ocean obsetving and forecasting systemals and contribute to the conservation of sea turtles”

We invite you to go online and keep updated on the journeys of these turtles. There is no registration needed, just open information! 🙂

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