Alnitak is a Spanish cultural association registered officially in February 1990.

Alnitak was founded by two young Greenpeace activists. The idea was conceived in the port of Mahón (Menorca) while on board the ship Sirius.

A ship bell with the name “Alnitak” was purchased in December of 1988, and in March of 1989 the ship Toftevaag was obtained for restoration.

Today, Alnitak has a combination of rich experience and fresh energy, with co-founder Ricardo Sagarminaga at the head of a fantastic team of like-minded individuals from a surprising variety of backgrounds.

The official goals of Alnitak are:

To develop both research and education programmes for the conservation of our maritime natural and cultural treasures.


The name “Alnitak” is from a triple star system at the eastern end of Orion’s belt.

Alnitak, the star

Alnitak has been known since antiquity and, as a component of Orion’s Belt, has been of widespread cultural significance. Alnitak is a triple star system at the eastern end of Orion’s Belt. Alnitak is not just another twinkling celestial object, it has some cold hard facts and true significance. So if you have a chance to view the first star of Orion’s Belt be sure to take a peek at one of the most intriguing views you may ever experience.

Chinese – the three stars mansions, the weighing beams

Arabic – the line, the belt, the golden grains or nuts

Northwestern Mexico – the hunter with Alnitak representing the mule deer

Latin America – the three Marys

Star Trek – Captain Kirk referenced this star by name in the episode, The City on the Edge of Forever.

alnitak star