Join ALNITAK as a volunteer

If you have trouble adapting to living in small quarters, waking up early or working long hours, this may not be an expedition for you. However, if you are looking for a true adventure often dictated by the weather, meeting like-minded people, working with a small dedicated team, conducting active research to tackle modern-day conservation issues, we have a bunk ready for you.


Since 1989 Alnitak has welcomed over 3800 volunteers from over 100 nations.

Each and every individual has made their own unique contribution, making our conservation projects possible.

Join our team in 2024 to keep working on ongoing research & conservation projects

2024 expeditions now open

In 2024 there are different formats of expeditions:

  • 1) OASIS expeditions in the Balearic Islands (7 days) living and working in the picturesque Tramuntana mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, on good days we will take to the open sea to study turtles and dolphins, help improve the local artisanal fishery targeting dolphinfish, and collect data on the impacts of marine litter such as ghost gear. On bad sea days, we will proceed with data entry tasks as well as restoring on old traditional house in the mountains, which will serve as our Alnitak base camp for years to come.


  • 2) “Toftevaag goes North” is a unique voyage for 2024 and 2025 in which our 1907 wooden research vessel slowly returns to Norway. These expeditions are more focused on enjoying classic sailing and travelling from harbour to harbour. Please inquire about dates and joining options.

Volunteers are vital to our work

Volunteers have a triple impact: as “hands on deck”, sponsors, and fresh energy.
Your share covers living costs (accommodation, meals, fuel) while with us, plus supports the scientific programs.
It also includes Alnitak membership for the year, and of course is a tax-deductible donation.

If you are keen to join us, check out our dates below then fill in the information. Once this is done, your place will be secured and we will be in touch with you in the build-up towards departure. For any questions you can email our team at

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