Since our beginning in 1989 all the boats used for Alnitak projects have always had a special spirit. 

Va de Bon Coeur

The word Va de bon Coeur means “Go with a good heart”


This ship has a beautiful story: her owner Raymond began building her from scratch forty years ago in Geneva (Switzerland), an undertaking that gained much attention including a documentary by Radio Television Suisse Romande. 

Va de Bon Coeur is a 17 metre loa ketch, with a beam of 4.8 metres, she is ideal for MEDTOP expeditions with up to 12 crew members. This 2023, her adventure begins as a research vessel, and alongside Raymond we will be slowly adapting her to our needs such as incorporating our towed array hydrophone, the 5 Gyres manta trawl, photography and survey equipment, and hopefully even our water-maker.

Birth of a ship
First part

Second Part