Toftevaag goes North – between 27 April and 11 June


20 available places


Between 27 April and 11 June

Starts in: Rota (Cadiz), Spain
Ends in: Vigo (Galicia), Spain
Area: from Cadiz, through Portugal, up to Galicia

*Please note the contribution stated (100€) is per day*


PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION CAREFULLY if you plan on joining this adventure:

After 34 years of working for marine conservation in the Mediterranean Sea, the RV Toftevaag will head North on a special journey back to her home island of Halsnöy where she was built back in 1907. This is a dream trip that many “Friends of Toftevaag” have been sharing and planning for a few years. Finally, the time is right.

During these weeks, we make bunk beds available for volunteers who wish to hop on board and join Toftevaag’s slow but exciting voyage along the Atlantic Iberian coast, the first stage of this modern-day odyssey!

If the “Gladys” orca pod allow us safe passage, we plan to pass Cabo San Vicente, Lisbon and Oporto, gradually putting more clothes on as we leave the Mediterranean behind and as we venture into higher latitudes.

This is no regatta, we are in no hurry – we want to thoroughly enjoy this “Journey to Ithaca”. On good days we will sail north, from port to port. On days when the sea isn’t ideal, we will dedicate our time to getting to explore the amazing places we may visit (who knows where we may end up!), meet the locals, and enjoy the local bars and restaurants, relishing every step of our way.

Depending on when you decide to come along, we could be in one place or another – there is no specific plan, apart from arriving in northwest Spain by the beginning of June, so make sure your travel plans are likewise flexible!

It’s not the destination, but the journey.


Volunteers are vital to our work

If you plan to join, the minimum stay is 5 days. Please state clearly how many days you purchase, and transfer 100€/day to book your spot. This amount pays for full board (3 meals and your bunk), as well as a contribution to our program. It also includes membership, and is tax-deductible.


Please send us an email at so we can plan accordingly.


Life on Toftevaag


Joining Toftevaag as a volunteer is to be quickly integrated into the crew. Upon arrival you will get “Toftevaag’s famous safety briefing”, duties will be discussed, and we will all sit together in the mess room to check weather forecast, the navigation charts, and plan the days ahead.

Depending on the weather and sea conditions, there are different types of days. Ideally, when conditions are adequate we aim to make our way on to the next harbour, taking advantage of any favourable winds and seas. Toftevaag is a slow ship, so if you are looking for adrenaline, fast pace, and “driving boats to their limit” this is definitely not the voyage for you! Our aim is to enjoy, and take care of Toftevaag – as well as her skipper! 🙂

Every single expedition for the last 34 years has been unique due to weather, sea state, wildlife that we may encounter, harbours, the crew and volunteers on board, and more variables, meaning that there is an aspect of uncertainty and excitement that adds to the sense of adventure.


What happens when I sign up?

You will be added to our list for the voyage, and in due course will be added to a closed WhatsApp group where you can directly arrange your plans with the crew.


Here is a video summarising one of the main objectives of this adventure north:



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