Toftevaag goes North 1 – from 3 to 13 June


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3 – 13 June · 11 days

Starts in: Barbate, Cadiz
Ends in: Sagres, Portugal

Area: Atlantic Ocean

Expedition Toftevaag goes North 2023 FINAL-compressed


These “Toftevaag goes North” expeditions are the essence of the Journey to Ithaca. They are the opposite of the traditional “germanic style” Alnitak expeditions that our volunteers have been used to. Although we have our road map and our planned expeditions with a proposed itinerary, our aim is to take it easy and sail slowly in favourable winds, getting to know each lighthouse and each fishing port along the way.

In terms of logistics, this means that volunteers joining the Toftevaag will need to adjust their mind set and be flexible to where exactly they board Toftevaag, and where they disembark. The entire journey back to Toftevaag’s home in Norway is 2.200 nautical miles. But we are not sailing straight there. Firstly we need to bear in mind that Toftevaag is not as young as she was when she sailed the Noth Atlantic fishing herring.

In 2023, volunteers will join us for this first stage of Toftevaag’s last great adventure, from southern Spain, through Portugal, and to Galicia in northern Spain.


Volunteers are vital to our work

Your share of 1100 Euros (calculated at 100 euros/day) covers living costs while on board plus supports the scientific programs. It also includes membership, and is tax-deductible.

Life on Toftevaag

Depending on the weather and sea conditions, there are different types of days. Ideally, when conditions are adequate we aim to spend as much time as possible sailing, making our slow way towards our destination. Sometimes we will be waking up as early as 5 AM to get going. Everyone helps in daily chores such as sail the ship, and do other chores such as cooking and cleaning. When the weather is less ideal, there is still plenty to do such as ship maintenance. Every single expedition is unique due to weather, sea state, wildlife that we may encounter, harbours, the crew and volunteers on board, and more variables, meaning that there is an aspect of uncertainty and excitement that adds to the sense of adventure.



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