Balearic Islands: Tramontana – from 9 to 19 September


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9 to 19 September · 11 days

Starts in: Port d’Alcudia, Mallorca

Ends in: Andratx or Sóller, Mallorca

Area: Balearic Islands


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In September we will work in what is probably the Balearic Island’s best kept secret: the marine area just off the Tramuntana mountains. Here we will immerse ourselves in our ongoing marine conservation and research programmes, developing our scientific projects on wildlife and the risks they face but also actively working alongside locals such as artisanal fishermen.

This is “llampuga” (mahi mahi) season, in which local artisanal fishermen fish with anchored “FADs” with the same method that was first described in 200 AD. Risso’s dolphins, one of our main target species, are seen frequently at the escarpment just off the coast. We will also be taking full advantage of any days with flat seas to find loggerhead turtles, as we will have satellite tags on board which we will need to deploy.

This is no tour or charter, volunteers are quickly integrated into the team to actively help with sailing and research. Our voyage will largely depend on weather and sea state.



Volunteers are vital to our work

Your share of 1100 Euros (calculated at 100 euros/day) covers living costs while on board plus supports the scientific programs. It also includes membership, and is tax-deductible.

Daily life

We will live and work on board RV Va de Bon Coeur, sharing research and sailing duties, as well as “house chores” such as cleaning and cooking. We rise early and make the most of each day, while keeping our floating home clean and everyone well fed and healthy



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