Saving Our Planet Starts With Understanding It

See the world as a scientist



We have a motto; teachers on deck! Which means we always have a spare bed for a teacher. Children are the future and that is why we value the importance of teachers and how vital their role is in our society. In our Changemakers program, we welcome students and teachers from different centers to join us during an expedition to spend 10 unique days learning about the marine environment and the importance of its conservation. Building a sustainable future one clasroom at a time, join us on an expedition and learn what no text book can teach!



On many occasions we are forced to stay in port, either for maintenance reasons, or because the weather forces us to. However, our time is not wasted! In our fight for marine conservation there is room for everyone and that is why we consider it essential to take advantage of the time in port to open the Toftevaag to the public and expose our work and results to people of all ages and from almost all parts of the world completely free of charge.
If you want to know when the next exhibition will be, stay tuned in our social media or feel free to contact us!

Training the trainees

education-Training the trainees

The sea belongs to everyone and it is necessary that we all know how to take care of it. In this program we are committed to train educators so that they can transmit the message in their respective sectors, such as fishing and science.