Grampus Monitoring Project

The Grampus or Risso’s dolphin (Grampus griseus, Cuvier 1812), known primarily as the “calderón gris” in Castilian Spanish and “cap d’olla gris” in Catalonian, is the fifth largest species of delphinid, normally inhabiting tropical and warm temperature latitudes. In the Mediterranean they are widespread but not abundant, with occurrence and movements still poorly known. This lack of robust data is why the IUCN Red List classed the Risso’s dolphins as “Data Deficient” in the region, until November 2021 when the conservation status changed to “Endangered”. Alnitak began monitoring the local population of the Balearic Islands in 2018.

Underwater photograph of Risso's dolphins in the Balearic Islands

A long-term study using the Risso’s dolphin as an indicator and umbrella species in the Balearic Islands

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