Balearic Islands: Tramuntana mountains & Sea 2 – from 23 September to 3 October


6 available places


23 September to 3 October · 11 days

Starts in: Sóller, Mallorca
Ends in: Sóller, Mallorca
Area: Balearic Islands


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In September we will work in what is probably the Balearic Island’s best kept secret: the area of the Tramuntana mountain range, which is a declared World Heritage Site that crosses the coast of Mallorca from northeast to southwest. Here we will immerse ourselves in our ongoing marine conservation and research programmes while enjoying the day to day of a Mediterranean rural lifestyle.

This is a new and exciting type of Alnitak expedition, in which volunteers actively participate in its development and hopefully success in years to come. The end goal is to establish ourselves here in Tramontana, developing our scientific projects on wildlife and the risks they face but also actively working alongside locals such as artisanal fishermen.



Volunteers are vital to our work

Your share of 1100 Euros (calculated at 100 euros/day) covers living costs while on board plus supports the scientific programs. It also includes membership, and is tax-deductible.

Daily life


Our base camp will be a small mountain “Cortijo” (country house) owned by one of the local fishermen, Gori, who we collaborate with. When there are favorable sea conditions we will work either from Alnitak’s RIB “Iruka” or Gori’s small artisanal fishing vessel “Passador”. On days with unfavourable sea conditions, we will dedicate time to a variety of chores such as renovating our new campsite, data entry, and more. We will do our best to live sustainably, acquiring our groceries from the local farmers markets, and breaking up daily chores between the whole team.


Below is a video made in 2022, filmed in the Tramontana region. We will not have research ship Toftevaag for these expeditions (she will be elsewhere), but the Risso’s project is one of our main actions for 2023 and we will strive to find them to document their secret lives.



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